September 29, 2010

"Today I Will"

From Alyssa Soebandono's blog, I think I must finish that magic three words today.

Sometimes people just write he/she wanna do for long time. Like to do list, Today I Will a shorter activity from that long part. Today I Will just write and do what we can do today! Not for next day. It's already adjust by our ability and make our life more easier with dismiss other activity which no important yet for farther day.
Focus on what is working, rather than what is not working. Jika dari awal kita memulai hari kita dengan sebuah pikiran, "this is going to be a bad day", maka untuk seharian penuh pun, you are determined to prove it. - Alyssa Soebandono

Thanks to remind me that I must start (again) my Today I Will :)

September 28, 2010

I'm Not Ready for Monday

But my time college called and I must went out now. So I tried to be a simple person with these outfit

postman bag by Ripcurl-unbranded black tanktop-black inner and creamy hijab by Karita-Dad's creamy choco outter

How was your Monday?

September 26, 2010

Happy Sunday!

What a best life on Sunday? When I met him and we went to shopping together. Actually I did and he just be a stable supporter :D I bought some inner/bandanas at Karita and Popperca. Cant wait to playing with them....

Introducing about Popperca, It's a fashion shop with everything handmade stuffs inside. I was know Popperca a year ago. But I had visited it a week ago and immediately heart their concept's style. Poor me, I really forgot to took some picture when I was there. :( I just can save it.

What a best life on Sunday now? Popperca! Really worth it!

September 22, 2010

Observation (Ay's Action 1)

Location : Vastenburg's Fort Surakarta
Camera  : Canon 1000D
Model    : Ay
Photograph by Hendra Budiawan

Sunglasses by Gogirl-red flat shoes by Jolie-bagpack by Eiger-white tee by Freesoul


My last day in Balikpapan. And I just played around at his office :D

brown white flip flop wedges by Nevada-postman bag by Ripcurl

Btw, I found a cute Batik Kalimantan's scarf :)

ps: Actually i dont like blue so much ;'(

September 15, 2010

Souvenir Time!

Trying to combine my mom's stuff again

I'll flying to Yogya day after tomorrow. So, I picked my brother, Bagas and his friend, Paki, to accompanied me hunted some souvenirs. We did many crazy activity on car. Especially when I would hug their! I really love this game actually but they didn't. :D

Paki, me, Bagas

at market souvenirs Kebun Sayur

we still pose! ahah!

fresh garden salad by KFC's Mall Fantasi

What I wore:
pink vest and pink flower hijab fr my mom-postman bag by Ripcurl-flipflop wedges by Nevada-grey jeans by Forex-unbranded stripe tees

And there was I got from that market :D

ps: I got Sarung Dodol Kalimantan only Rp.17.500 (2 dollar) :D

Broken Chocolate

My camera was broken! I really didn't know why this happened :(( I just can saved one picture. Poor me! But I think the other picture not bad too. They was so cool! What do you think??

polkadot black wedges-postman bag by Ripcurl-choco hijab with black inner-choco outter-flower dress-black tight

Around The City

I woke up in the morning and my Dad invited me to did a tour around the city. Let me introduced first, I born in Balikpapan, and now I have holiday in this town. It's a small city with beautifull ways and skies scenary :D I really love when I impressed to their urban planning. Or when I found some garden around main road. Oh ya, you must try traditional food too. My favorite one is Bubur Ayam Samarinda. :D

we start the journey!

 some captured situation of mainroad, so green!

bubur ayam samarinda, yummy!

at tradisional market, Pasar Klandasan

I did some transaction with seller

by the way, lets check what I wore:


red hijab with white inner-grey jeans by Rodex-polkadot black wedges-orange abstrac Bali dress-mommy white outter

ps: visit here to know more about Balikpapan :D

September 13, 2010

Playing Time

When I cleaned house I found a cute white stuff.

So, I tried to combine this one with my mom's colourfull scrafts. Lets check this out :)

  summer black flower

chocolate classic leafes

two tone yellow classic flower

One of my favorite blogger is Dian Pelangi. I really love when she walked out with her style. I learned to wore hijab like her. It was not easy, but I think I can do it better someday. What do you think?

the red one

Happy Ied Fitr :)

Random pict by Nokia 6760 Slide about my rally food

ps: I still 53 kg. Alhamdulilah.. :)

Simple Life

One reason why I didn't update my blog yesterday was simple life. My college, University of Gadjah Mada, held a simple life program called KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) for student who passed their 100 SKS (like total credit of semester). I did it with 29 other student and we stayed in Wukirsari Village (I got Dusun Karangasem) for two months.

What I can say to you about simple life is really amazing!! I love everything on that place. I love when we walked together on morning days to cacthed a lot of sunshines scenery. Or when I found a green Jati's trees around way. And a lot of laugh from the people when I said hi to his cow or goat. Or when I saw their best Tatah (chisel) and Sungging's (colour) system process to made a leather craft.

I wanna share some pict from our happines past life :)

Are you interesting to doing simple life like me? Or do you wanna know more about beautiful culture in Wukirsari's Village? Just visit here

ps: now, simple life become my next target after graduated from my collage. Wish me luck!