April 12, 2011

2nd Award :D

My 2nd award from amazing sister Rabia Ashraf. Actually, I just knew her a few days ago. But she trust me to accpet this. Ah..Matur Suksema! (<- this is Balinese language, means thank you!). I'll keep it for you :')

accepting this award, i am asked to do the following:  
1.  Thank and link back to the person that awarded this to you. 
2. Give the award to 10 blogs which are all inspiring in their own ways. ie. fashion, religious, random, islam/religion 
And who are they?
  •  a sketch blog (of her) by Addina Faizati (she has alot ilutsrations with toughtful words)
  • Marshed. by Marshanda (almost Indonesian people know her!)
  • mind documentation by Abi Subani (person who always think with different perspective)
  • Alyssa Soebandono by herself (she's an actress. you may know her too)
  • :D by Dinar Pratamaaji (an architect who have motto: lets pixel talk!)
  • Fatin Liyana by herself (her fashion's sense like a chocolate, sweet and cacthy)
  • think.thank by Mutiara Cininta (she do sketch better than I)
  • Aishi Lely by herself (her header's caption: sweet feminim)
  • faniatmanti's blog by Fanitra Atmanti (adore everything bout her art's style)
  • dunia dalam tiara by Tiara R. Maharani (chibi!)

The above list is random and not specific about fashion. I put them on list cause they have more passion when do what they like. They bring it on their writings and make each article have strong power.
In every situations I never forget to say thanks to Allah SWT. This award not a present, but a new exam for me to become better in life. :)


  1. alhamdulillah...thanks prahmahita... ^^ * terharu

  2. waaa kita dpt award dari orang yang sama mit, hehe
    baru tahu kalo marshanda sama alisa punya blog..

  3. eh kok dok kenal bgt ya saya panggil prahmahita pake hit, udh gitu salah ketik lagi jadi mit..hehe..maaf ^^v

  4. mba me aishi: sama-sama mba :D

    maya: mereka emng jarang update, tp skali nulis inspiring loh. baca deh :D. btw, call me ayi ya :D
    salam kenal juga :D

  5. terimakasih mba ayiikk,, waahh dah lama g buka blogspotku ternyata ada yang ngirim award.. hahaaa makasiih ya $.$

  6. Rayi, makasih banget ya
    tp isi blogku ga begitu update ne awww
    but thanx a lot :)

  7. mbak ayiik, thanks banyak... i'm not so much that kind of person. but thaks tou you, i'm now encouraged.

  8. makasih mbaaaak :DD
    padahal sketchblognya udah lama nggak updet hehehe
    salam kenal ya mbaak :3

  9. haha tenkiu yik, eh itu mottonya bukan itu kalik