December 19, 2011

The Chocolate Gold


Around August 2011
Affandi Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Canon EOS 1100D 
captured & edit by Hendra Budiawan

Islamic Center Of Samarinda


05 October 2011
Samarinda, East Borneo, Indonesia
Canon EOS 1100D 
captured and edit by me

November 27, 2011

Kenny G!

A Romantic Night with Kenny G

Last Monday, 14 November 2011 
At Dome Balikpapan, East Borneo, Indonesia 
from Golden Chair 
Canon EOS 1100D 
captured and edit by me

October 23, 2011

Architect is Musashi

Seorang arsitek yang saya kenal baik mengeluhkan banyak orang mengatainya:

"Terang saja kamu suka pekerjaan Arsitek ini, karena kamu berbakat". 

Pertama ungkapan itu salah. Kedua kalaupun benar, ungkapan itu terbalik. 

Yang benar adalah kamu suka pekerjaan Arsitek ini. Lalu kamu berlatih keras setiap hari dengan berbagai cara. Akibatnya kamu menjadi "berbakat" dan diakui sebagai arsitek yang piawai. Musashipun tiap hari berlatih spartan. Dan mengasah pedangnya. Dan mencari lawan tarung. Dan mencuri2 lihat jurus perguruan lain. Dan memperbaiki kemampuan ototnya. Melatih kecepatan otaknya. Melatih ketajaman matanya. Melatih nalurinya. Dan melebarkan wawasannya dengan berkelana sebagai Ronin. Kalau kamu mencintai pekerjaanmu sebagai Arsitek, berlatihlah dengan spartan. Ada atau tidak ada proyek. Setiap hari. Kalau kamu tidak menyukai pekerjaanmu sebagai Arsitek, berhentilah sekarang. Arsitektur tidak membuat orang menjadi kaya-raya seperti bandar atau dihormati seperti bupati. Berlatih. Sekarang. Atau berhenti. Sekarang. 

-Sarwono Hatmoko-

October 15, 2011

Spandul Pose!

My beloved cat name is Spandul. He only ordinary cat before I realize he'll be super cute when I shot him. Miaw!

October 6, 2011


"Our life are history. Yesterday was history for present. Present is history for future and soon future'll be history itself. Let's build a good plan for a great history on future."

-Prahmahita Rayi-

October 4, 2011

Into Blue

blue tees 
scarf - Flashy
bag - Mom
batik skirt - Solo
unbranded flip flop
watch - Quartz
hijab style by me
capture by Pramudyo Bagas

Sometimes you might get alone to talk with yourself about wish, plan or future. But sometimes it becomes difficult when there is no place. People around watch to you, want to know more and try to influence with their minds. They act like understand all the conditions and said you have to do it like them. And you'r too busy to dwell on thoughts until you realize that you've spent a lot time.
This is only one case. And you still have a million cases that wait to be solved!

Time run faster. And I'm not ready for tomorrow.

September 15, 2011

Pemilihan Putri Indonesia Kalimantan

Hi readers :) 

On last Saturday, 10/09/2011 Balikpapan held Pemilihan Putri Indonesia (PPI) Kalimantan region 2011. Lucky I have opportunity to attend to this event because it was held by Putri Indonesia Foundation in cooperation with Kaltim Post Group, where my father worked at. Located at Le Grandeur Hotel, there are 18 finalists from three provinces. There are 10 girls from East Kalimantan , 5 girls from Middle Kalimantan and 3 girls from South Kalimantan. West Kalimantan organized this event by themselve because this is the farthest among others. This event was broadcast live on BTV, a local television station, and possibly will be broadcast by Indosiar, a national television station, too (because I was sitting next to Indosiar crew who were busy recording). 

Enjoy the pictures :)

 One of the finalists with local outfit

finalists in evening gown

left to right: Putri Kalteng 2010, Runner Up 2 Putri Kaltim 2010, me, Putri Pariwisata 2010 and Putri Kalsel 2010

Traditional dance

 left to right: Putri Kalsel 2011, Putri Kaltim 2011 and Putri Kalteng 2011 

Congratulation for the winner! I hope you can represent us till the international event.

Almost photos captured and edit by me

coat - Anty Beauty
wedges - Donatello
scraf+necklace - mom

September 12, 2011

Flower Pink

Hoaaamm.. what time is it now?

Upss.. Gonna late! Lets wake up!

Check in my property before leave

Perfect! now I'm ready to go. See you next post :)

pink dress - Mom
flower hijab - Mom
bag - Mom
wedges - Donatello
watch - Quartz
hijab style by me
capture by self timer

September 10, 2011

Red and White

Home sweet Home
Captured by Pramudyo Bagas

Red tee
White sweater - mom
Wedges - Donatello
Clutch - Gogirl Magz
Trousers - Centro Dept
Rainbow Hijab

Random searched and found him on You Tube. I'm definitely love his music!

Forever - Chris Brown - A Capella cover - Mike Tomkins

September 6, 2011

Hijab Style On Looklet 2

Being excited with hijab after small share about my experience when wore it for 1st time (I found this hastag on @naliarifika twitter and interest to did it, haha). And wanna share you the latest Mix and her hijab styles. 

1. Mix going to school. She's a teacher of kindergarten. Today she just want to look attractive and fun. May the kids will love her!

2. Mik on catwalk. Red is the theme and the other colors must be adapted with the point. 

3. Mix wearing black on the wedding party! She wants to look impressive with that color and changes people opinion about black as a mourn color. 

4. Mik as young bussines woman. She is looking good wearing soft color combined with brown trousers. Stunning!

Please drop your comment. She will appreciate it :)