December 20, 2010

Step in Vintage

Location : a field at DAS design studio
Camera  : FinePix A 900 (just another pocket)
Photo shoot by Hendra Budiawan

mom's vintage floral dress-cardi by Megumi-boots by Starcross-bag by Ripcurl

December 19, 2010

Knock Knock!

On The Parade 2010, I love

The situations:




 The coolest design of flyer:


The shopping time and what I found:


And me, when I stood there! 

What about you?

December 16, 2010

The Parade 2010

Be there! It held on tomorrow morning till die!

First Award :D

Thaaank you so much to Amalia Ardia Utami cause she sent me this award. Actually this is my first award after i did blog since last year. Alhamdulilah...

Well, I'm so suprised and speechless too. I mean... saya adalah salah satu blogger yang paling tidak rajin menulis. Tapi, teman-teman masih sudi mampir di rumah yang tidak rapi ini. Hiks. Sungguh terharu...

accepting this award, i am asked to do the following:
1. thank and link to the person who awarded me this award.
2. share 8 things about myself.
3. pay it forward to 8 bloggers that i have recently discovered.
4. contact those blogger and tell them about their awards.

and this is 8 things about me:
  • I prefer trousers than skirt, cause I must movin fast and I think trousers can handle it better than skirt.
  • I love every colours except blue. For me, blue is difficult colour to mix match. I dont know why. 
  • My super must item is unique shoes. Cause I think, a pair of cool shoes could complement my nerd style. 
  • I'm not a glasses person. I wear it just to cover my tired eyes.  
  • I like cat, donut, child, chicklit and detective stories.
  • Every night, I write list of today I will for tomorrow before sleep. Cause I'm a forgetfull person and always panic when every things dont work like I want.
  • I'm an easily impressed person especially about architecture or something creative design. 
  • Always listen 2ne1's songs again and again. They're my have to things on playlist and fashion influence too.  

And, I also want to give it to them:

Never to forget, my big thanks to Allah and you who was visited my small home. I couldn't make a promise, but still tryin to bloggin on my super rush time. 
For whole bloggers, keep posting and stylish gals :)

Once again,
Matur "Super" Suksema

Just Another Daily Outfit

grey tankie from CGmagz-brown boots by Starcross-Papa's yellow noisy pattern shirt

December 4, 2010

Rest in Peace

Guru yang paling menginspirasi telah pergi :')

Ir. Imam Djokomono M.Arch

"semalam mimpi tentang pak Imam. dikelas, mengajar, sehat dan bersama-sama seluruh angkatan dari yang muda hingga tua."

"pak, saya blom prnh jd bimbingan bpk. blom prnh di display oleh bapak. tapi kalau semua org ditanya siapa yang terhebat, bapak jwbnya!"

"pak, saya suka gaya fashion bapak loh. so etnic dan unik. seprti mengtakan, arsitek kudu punya jati diri. jadi ekspresikanlah!"

"trus saya mncoba brpikir sperti bpk. mengekspresikannya dgn cara saya. hasilnya, bapak prnh mnyebut nama saya dgn berbinar. sungguh suka!"

"saya ktmu bpk di matkul kritik. sebel sih pak, apalagi tugasnya banyak dan berat. tapi gara-gara itu saya jadi lebih rajin membaca buku. :)"

"yg plg brkesan tentu ja cara pandang bpk!prespective yg diambil sungguh luar biasa. someday i'll like you pak, being different and better!"

"nah loh! bapak baru pergi smalam, saya sudah merasa sangat kehilangan. :'("

"bpk dipanggil karna disana butuh arsitek sekaliber bapak. yg bsa mrubah pemikiran orang-orang muda seperti kita."

"ah .. membicarakan bapak tidak akan ada habisnya! terimakasih terimakasih terimakasih!"      

He teachs me how being human w/ different prespective. We love you, pak

November 26, 2010

Next Target!

For all architects, please save the date!

FuturArc Prize 2011

  Rumah Kokoh Aman Gempa 

Click images to go to original web.

You and I and Our Dinner

At T nong's cafe. Oh just call it a new concept of angkringan!

big size brown skirt as top-unbranded outter-brown belt-mom's yellow floral scarft-sling bag by Ripcurl-shoes by Garage Store

November 25, 2010

Butterfly Collar

My daily outfit
  bag by ak.'sa.ra-blazer by Anti Beauty-tankie fr CG magz-unbranded glasses-grey rainbow hijab-shoes by Starcross

detail of blazer

November 18, 2010

Try Out

"Why still hold similar if could being different? Look at variant ways. There's another opportunity to capture life better."

-Prahmahita Rayi-

November 16, 2010

Holla Novembah!

I'm really soooorrry cause I didnt write anything yesterday. :( There was a lot of activities which made me busied and must forgot about blogging for a while :'(

You all knew it! merapi erupted on Oct end. poor.. I couldnt took some pictures when it happened, but I still have a few stories between merapi and ... I .. actually. I'll tell you later about it.

Lets celebrate this new month with ... ng.. my new picture style! hahah.. actually that's an old photos but I had sharing just now.

 bag by Unpossed-blazer by Hello-unbranded glasses-shoes by Kuyagaya

Happy Novembah, all!

October 16, 2010


Today, my timeline on twitter full of this topic. #romantisadalah means what actually you think about romantic and what kind attitude could reflect it. Let me post some #romantisadalah which sound delight :)

#romantisadalah bila telepati kita bisa melintas benua, samudra, dan selisih waktu
#romantisadalah ketika di semua foto candid, kamu selalu berdiri di sampingku. duduk di sebelahku. dan berjalan di sisiku
#romantisadalah ketika kamu memposting sesuatu di fesbuk untukku, tp org lain yg ribut & menafsirkannya lain :))))  
#RomantisAdalah ketika dia mengimami shalatmu 5 waktu :)
#RomantisAdalah main gitar berdua denganmu *edisi ngamen* 
#romantismeadalah kamu dimana aku dimana, eh makan makanan yg sama.. :P
#romantismeadalah ketika aku dan kamu sama2 tau apa yang kita rasakan tanpa kita perlu saling mengutarakannya :) 
#romantisadalah I'm autocad, You're photohop, We're coreldraw
#romantisadalah you said sorry when you busy in youre world and forget me for a while
#romantisadalah we keep stalk each other w/out no one know
#romantisadalah we communicate by eye contact
#romantisadalah I answer you by my tweets    


Blow Up Pink Purple

Dont think to much! Just wear what do you want and let smile cover it together! 
*teman saya bilang, saya mirip simbah-simbah -___________-'

batik shirt from him-bracelet by AVNU-grey trousers by Forex-sleeping flip flop from Yuki

October 15, 2010

Dear God!

"I sacrifice my self to be yours cause you always know what the best for me. I believe to keep on your way without any reason. Cause you love me without any reason too." :')
-Prahmahita Rayi-

October 11, 2010

Sleepy Quote

"a simple life is about grow up to be glare"

-Prahmahita Rayi-

Super Late Post

Searching something and I found these photos. Wanna share you very unconcept style.

bag by Ripcurl-shoes by Darla in Fashion-shirt by Hello-unbranded legging

October 8, 2010

Batik on Wedding's Day

That's not 2nd Oct (batik day), but...Yes! I wore batik that day.

I'm a Borneo girl who always wore a shiny color with a lot of beads when I came to wedding party there. But, in Java people always wore batik on that day. Idk why. I just think that batik had enthusiasm and history which made it more valuable and really suit when someone wore batik on that sacred day.

I went with him who wore batik too. But poor, he looked older when he wore it. hahaha. Just guess where's guy who i mean :P

me-tiara-mahendra-the groom's photo-bela-pak dewo-ami

The other fun thing was yesterday as a reunion session! I came and found someone who I adore him so much. He's my favorite teacher and always helped me when I did internship at Bensley Design Studios in Bali last year. Ah yes! This has been a year, but we still keep contact each other until now. 
I think I miss him and other guy on that wonderfull studios :'(

Talking about my stuff, it's my best batik that I have. I really love detail and how gradation betwen purple and gold make it more sweet. I got it from Batik Prapanca. Please check and you will agree with me :D

Batik Prapanca-polkadot black wedges-unbrunded black cardigan-black inner and hijab by Karita-bag by Unpossed

October 2, 2010

Selection (Ay's Action 2)

Location : Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (the window of Yogyakarta)
Camera  : FinePix A900 (-.-')
Model    : Ay
Photograph by Hendra Budiawan

red shoes by Jolie-grey jeans by Logo-bag by Unpossed-vest n shirt fr Bali-pink cap by Karita