October 8, 2010

Batik on Wedding's Day

That's not 2nd Oct (batik day), but...Yes! I wore batik that day.

I'm a Borneo girl who always wore a shiny color with a lot of beads when I came to wedding party there. But, in Java people always wore batik on that day. Idk why. I just think that batik had enthusiasm and history which made it more valuable and really suit when someone wore batik on that sacred day.

I went with him who wore batik too. But poor, he looked older when he wore it. hahaha. Just guess where's guy who i mean :P

me-tiara-mahendra-the groom's photo-bela-pak dewo-ami

The other fun thing was yesterday as a reunion session! I came and found someone who I adore him so much. He's my favorite teacher and always helped me when I did internship at Bensley Design Studios in Bali last year. Ah yes! This has been a year, but we still keep contact each other until now. 
I think I miss him and other guy on that wonderfull studios :'(

Talking about my stuff, it's my best batik that I have. I really love detail and how gradation betwen purple and gold make it more sweet. I got it from Batik Prapanca. Please check and you will agree with me :D

Batik Prapanca-polkadot black wedges-unbrunded black cardigan-black inner and hijab by Karita-bag by Unpossed


  1. ndak panas pu mba?? yang kemarin itu panas bgt... -________________-

  2. bangettt.. tp tetep harus tersenyum cause bajunya lg bagus.. hehehe