September 6, 2011

Hijab Style On Looklet 2

Being excited with hijab after small share about my experience when wore it for 1st time (I found this hastag on @naliarifika twitter and interest to did it, haha). And wanna share you the latest Mix and her hijab styles. 

1. Mix going to school. She's a teacher of kindergarten. Today she just want to look attractive and fun. May the kids will love her!

2. Mik on catwalk. Red is the theme and the other colors must be adapted with the point. 

3. Mix wearing black on the wedding party! She wants to look impressive with that color and changes people opinion about black as a mourn color. 

4. Mik as young bussines woman. She is looking good wearing soft color combined with brown trousers. Stunning!

Please drop your comment. She will appreciate it :)


  1. woww great mix and match!! i especially love the second photos. great colors and pattern combination. super chic! :)