September 15, 2011

Pemilihan Putri Indonesia Kalimantan

Hi readers :) 

On last Saturday, 10/09/2011 Balikpapan held Pemilihan Putri Indonesia (PPI) Kalimantan region 2011. Lucky I have opportunity to attend to this event because it was held by Putri Indonesia Foundation in cooperation with Kaltim Post Group, where my father worked at. Located at Le Grandeur Hotel, there are 18 finalists from three provinces. There are 10 girls from East Kalimantan , 5 girls from Middle Kalimantan and 3 girls from South Kalimantan. West Kalimantan organized this event by themselve because this is the farthest among others. This event was broadcast live on BTV, a local television station, and possibly will be broadcast by Indosiar, a national television station, too (because I was sitting next to Indosiar crew who were busy recording). 

Enjoy the pictures :)

 One of the finalists with local outfit

finalists in evening gown

left to right: Putri Kalteng 2010, Runner Up 2 Putri Kaltim 2010, me, Putri Pariwisata 2010 and Putri Kalsel 2010

Traditional dance

 left to right: Putri Kalsel 2011, Putri Kaltim 2011 and Putri Kalteng 2011 

Congratulation for the winner! I hope you can represent us till the international event.

Almost photos captured and edit by me

coat - Anty Beauty
wedges - Donatello
scraf+necklace - mom

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