September 15, 2010

Souvenir Time!

Trying to combine my mom's stuff again

I'll flying to Yogya day after tomorrow. So, I picked my brother, Bagas and his friend, Paki, to accompanied me hunted some souvenirs. We did many crazy activity on car. Especially when I would hug their! I really love this game actually but they didn't. :D

Paki, me, Bagas

at market souvenirs Kebun Sayur

we still pose! ahah!

fresh garden salad by KFC's Mall Fantasi

What I wore:
pink vest and pink flower hijab fr my mom-postman bag by Ripcurl-flipflop wedges by Nevada-grey jeans by Forex-unbranded stripe tees

And there was I got from that market :D

ps: I got Sarung Dodol Kalimantan only Rp.17.500 (2 dollar) :D

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