September 15, 2010

Around The City

I woke up in the morning and my Dad invited me to did a tour around the city. Let me introduced first, I born in Balikpapan, and now I have holiday in this town. It's a small city with beautifull ways and skies scenary :D I really love when I impressed to their urban planning. Or when I found some garden around main road. Oh ya, you must try traditional food too. My favorite one is Bubur Ayam Samarinda. :D

we start the journey!

 some captured situation of mainroad, so green!

bubur ayam samarinda, yummy!

at tradisional market, Pasar Klandasan

I did some transaction with seller

by the way, lets check what I wore:


red hijab with white inner-grey jeans by Rodex-polkadot black wedges-orange abstrac Bali dress-mommy white outter

ps: visit here to know more about Balikpapan :D

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