May 10, 2009

FASHION-yang sungguh-NISTA!!


welcome to my new world *i have it after join to facebook* about fashion and be fashion freak *hohohoho*

I think fashion is art like architecture n structure. To be a fashion freak not only about what u wear/brand/prada or anything else.. but its made of top, under, with a lot of passion and best capture from photograph to realize your *glare*!!
Like Heidi Kalalo -ass fashion GoGirl Magz- said : "fashion doesn't about what u wear but how u wear."
From that imagine word i try to find my glare and make u sure that a moslem always be a fashionable too..

that picture was capture a few month ago in canteen campus. i like that cause i wear anything what i like althought i didn't take a bath before. whehehehe*.. my georgeous photographer is Aditya Apriawan. tx alot for 3 second *clik* when he was do his photograph homework. ure best man!!

let me introduce my *must have* :

black long pants *i was changing its from blue to black.. hohohoh
rainbow strip2 blouse *Papa's stuff
abstrack necklace *p.i.p.s
bag *friend's stuff *Harry Potter Goddie Bag*
cartoon shoes *hand drawing
helm *^-^> ahahhahah

once again.. just believe that u have something different from other. explore it even every people say u ugly or not better than pig...

cause be different is better like BIG is BEAUTIFUL,,

c u next post q(^-^)p

---> don't try this at home if u're not sure that u can do that!!

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