May 11, 2009



i'm a moody person. this mood can be detected by cloth or smile. but smile not always be the rule of my mood. sometimes i have to smile and laugh even i feel sad in my heart. hiks..
now, i have a different solution of my mood especially when anyone can't make me happy again. i call it 'a 4th place' after campus, kost, and burjo *yeah,, i love my 3rd place so much* whohohh..

this place have a lot of book and magazine about design and architecture. both of them are very interesting even the wirelles poor and 'lemod' *what 'lemod' in english?*. i waste my time to read and draw anything. step by step to repair my mood back to basic..

that picture was capture 1 month ago. i was feel confused about my plan, so i ran to my 4th place to escape every people' eyes.. but poor, my *sh*ll* BF found me and he *klik* by camera. oh yes.. i'm a *sadar kamera* person.. wheheee.. so, i given him my little smile and i got my laugh back again.. tx my bunny BF...*next time i will introduce my f*ck**n BF.. hehehehe*

let's check what i was wear before:

chocolate tees
*brand something.. i was forget
black tees *Karita Moslem square
black tight legging *Yaya's fashion Ambarukmo Plaza
shoes *favorit stuff, hand drawing

last not least, please finding your 4th place. maybe it's not important like i did, but the 4th place can help u even u don't know about it. second -- don't be like me. a moody person always have a lot of pesimistic and always not happy if her get a new problem..*oh.. i must delete that bad habit...

---> my magic word: don't try this at home if u're not sure that u can do that!!
sorry kalo gramarnya berantakan..namanya jugag belajar.. whehehehe..