August 28, 2011

Graduation 17/08/2011

Hi readers :) 
Almost forget that I've promise story about my Kebaya on previous post. 

Well, Gadjah Mada University held graduation ceremony on two days. August 17th 2011 called Hari Pelepasan was held by Major Architecture and Planning. On that day I wore Kebaya who designed by me. Haha! Actually it wasn't purely from me. I did small research before skecth it. It was so fun! I learned about types of material such us kamisol tulang, brokrat, linen, tile and more. I met some designers and discussed with them before decided to designed it by myself. Luckly I knew a reliable tailor who can translated my skecth quite well. It was my first work (as designer of Kebaya of course) and proud to wore it. 

with mr. H

with classmates

with besties

See you next post :)


  1. selamat ya! kebayanya juga bagus :))

  2. congrats! :D

    ak jg ikut wisudaan tgl 18 agustus kmren, tp g ktemu yaa kita.. hehe

  3. @indi makasiih indi..
    @icha oh iya? waah slamat jd sarjana jg yaa..