July 16, 2011

Sunday Fun at HCYog

I know you guys too bore accept my apologize. Since I passed my final exam, I face a new important activity: prepare for graduation. Hard to be true I have no skill about it moreover when I have to prepare by myself. My parents could only come when the “it” day cause they can’t leave jobs there. 
For small share, I’ll wear Kebaya on that day. On past two week, I wasted my time looked for the right design. I’ve been talked with some designers too but still I cant get what I want. Shita, fashion assistant from Mujid Affandi said it was difficult. But, same with us, in fact the clothes are also look for us too. So I’ve more patience. 

Forget it a while.

Have you guys listen about Hijabers Community? Nowadays, they opened it on Yogyakarta too. (called Hijabers Community Yogyakarta). On 10th Jun 2011 ago they held Sunday Fun and small bazaar. I cant participated in pengajian time cause the quota was full. But, bazaar opened for public during that day. So I ran there and took some pics with them.


 finally meet mba Dilla from Dilla and Zatta too. yaiyness :D

They look so stylish and gorgeous! ^^

Nb: Can’t promise will update soon until finish my Kebaya problem. Truly sorry.



  1. it was sooooo fun :)
    thanks for coming, nice to know youuuu :*

  2. Acara nya di mana tuh yi?? aikh2 udah gag di jogjaaa :'(

    wah wisuda pas puasa ya..? ak juga dulu gt. berasa mau pingsan tuh, mana habis dr GSP langsung jalan ke fakultas buat acara wisuda fakultas.. huhuuuw..
    Tapi kebayar kok, soalnya ijasah udah ditangan, hehee

  3. mba dill: yuhuuu.. big hug ^^

    mba sari: di sampingnya mailbox ada boutique muslim House of Dina. nah disitulah :) huhu.. iya nih mba. puasa, panas2, ga dapet jatah makan pula. haha.. aminn. amiin.. hehe..

  4. mailbox it dimana y say?

    aaeh.. dapet kok.. ayam satu atau tiga kotak gt kalo gag salah. Terus dr fakultas dpt bika ambon.. hahaa..

  5. loh kan puasa mba.. masa dapet makan? -.-"
    mailbox di jalan demangan, yang deretannya distro2.. nah HOD sebelahnya persis.

  6. ayi, panggilnya sari aja dunk, kan kita seumuran, hehee

    dapet kok, tapi gag pake nasi, cuma ayam utuh gitu aja..

    ooh itu tho, yang dbelakangnya movie box itu kan ya..

  7. hoo.. abisnya wisuda taun kemaren sih.. haha..
    sip2 emg dibelakang movie box itu. main2 lah ke sana kalo ke Jogja lagi :D