February 16, 2011

Random Styles eps 1

Hallo ya all!

Sorry I couldn't updated my blog yesterday. I'm too busy with my final project assignment.Yes, this is my last year as college student (insyallah) in Gadjah Mada University, so I need more focus. I have to throw away not so important activities for a while. Sadly, but actually I really miss blog :(

Cause of that, I wanna share my past random styles in different moment and situations. Honestly, this is like summary about what I wore before. Hehe. Okey, call me narcissistic girl :p

-on jam session (music party)-

unbranded superbig orange glasses

 -after display design architecture study with girls in my group in the studios -

unbranded all include my choco yellow trousers. huh!

-at DAS studio with friend-

choco tribal scarft from Bali - inner hijab by Karita Moslem Square - trousers by Logo

- at seniors wedding party with classmates -

pastel colour maxi dress by Karita Moslem Square - polkadot pastel black scraft by Jogja Jewelry

- with brother's friend in his dorm -

 ripped round tankie - light brown knit cardie - with brwon wedges by Nevada- canvas bag by Aksar'a

- at Ratu Boko temple -
red grey plaid scraft by Centro - grey blazer - unbranded black shoes - canvas bag by Aksar'a - Richard Meier white tees by Vignette

Better late than never, I would to say happy new year, gong xi fa chai and happy val day for you who celebrate it. Hope we'll better than yesterday. 

See you next post. xoxo

ps: wish me luck!


  1. I heart the way you wear ur hijab :D

  2. thank you..
    you should try it too :)