September 13, 2010

Introducing My Alterego, Ay!

Do you know about "alter ego"?

Alter ego is a second self, a second personality or personal within a person, who is often oblivious to the personal's actions. A person with an alter ego is said to lead a double life.

I have one. I call her Ay. She loves everything about fashion, luxury and show on front of everyone about her best mixing dress that day. She picking a lot of make up to compare her best cloth. She is a shopaholic. She getting crazy when walk around on sale product. But she better than Rebecca Bloomwood. She know how to control herself from that bad illusion :)

Ay is the other side of me. She have a more power to bring what actually I want that time to going outside!

polkadot black wedges-brown black postman's bag by Ripcurl

brown outter (2nd)-brown white flipflop wedges by Nevada-mommy's bag by Louis Vuitton

But, sometimes she afraid when people dont wanna accept her life style. She sad when people just look her by cover. So she need me to cover her from bad dream. She still waiting on her sleep until people can embrace her with smile.

ps: Ay just came on the right time. Actually, she is a shy person! really!

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